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Are you still believing in these myths about gambling?

myths about gambling

Find out if you are deceived and still believe in these stupid myths about and gambling. Read some of the worst lies about gambling.

How many lies do you know about gambling? Have ever fallen in the trap to believe in a statement that eventually occurred nothing, but a misconception? Do you think the casino deceives you all the time? And are you 100% sure about every fact you have read and learnt regarding gambling?

These questions are important to be answered, because recently we have conducted a study related with the casino myths. It turned out that lots of the players nowadays – whether experienced and talented or beginners who have just opened their first accounts at still believe in the following myths:

  • At least half of the casino winners never actually get paid. Did someone tell you that? Did he actually show you some proofs to claim so? As a matter of fact, we know more people who have proved to have won lots of cash from gambling. Those, who weren’t paid, are actually those who forgot to claim for a withdrawal or to show their winning lottery tickets.
  • The virgin gambling myth. It’s weird, but there are a lot of players who believe that if a girl’s a virgin (in the literal sexual meaning), she’s going to have an amazing luck in the casino. According to this same myth, the virgin guys have no luck at all whether they are going to play slots or poker games for the first time. Honestly, we haven’t heard of an official statistics regarding the correlation between the player’s sexual life and his level of luck in a gambling website.
  • In gambling everything is about luck and if today, you just don’t have it, you will not win. First of all, it’s not true that gambling is only about destiny and chances. Games like poker, Blackjack and even roulette require some specific strategies and thinking. Actually, a lot of thinking. Second of all, there’s no such a thing as It’s my lucky day in gambling. No matter how much luck you had during the day at work for instance, there’s no guarantee you will be so lucky in the casino.
  • Oh, my God! There’s even a myth according to which the ground casinos spray oxygen in their rooms in order to keep the players awake and with fresh minds, so they can remain gambling as long as possible. To tell you the truth, guys, the casinos are some of the most regulated and examined for any omissions or deceiving practices business units ever! We are 100% sure that there’s no such a thing as oxygen spraying either in the poker rooms, or at the roulette tables.

Casino myths are corruptive and dangerous for the fact that they can change your perspective about gambling. Eventually, you can even change your successful strategy being influenced by some of these stupidities. This is why we strongly recommend you to make a check when you hear such a weird thing. In most cases, it appears to be nothing else, but a myth.

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