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Common Casino Jobs and Projected Employment Outlook

Common Casino Jobs

Casino venues offer a selection of jobs for professionals across the hospitality, food and beverage, and financial sectors

Casino resorts around the world have become hotbeds of the gaming entertainment, and it is not surprising that there are many different roles, responsibilities, and jobs in a casino. You will find people who serve cocktails and snacks, security guards, live dealers, and all sorts of other jobs that keep customers satisfied and entertained. Here are the types of positions you typically find in a casino and the industry’s projected employment outlook in case you are looking to join the ranks.


Casino establishments offer employment to professionals across sectors, including hospitality, gaming, retail, and financial services. The list of positions may include:

  • Teller
  • Surveillance office
  • Sportsbook writer
  • Bartender
  • Slot key personnel
  • Blackjack dealer
  • Shuttle driver
  • Cashier
  • Security guard
  • Casino manager
  • Gaming manager
  • Cocktail server
  • Cook
  • Chef
  • Gaming dealer
  • Customer service representative
  • Spa staff
  • Hotel staff

The highest paying positions in casinos are casino property general manager, shift manager, director of operations, and slot operations manager. While other positions are less well paid, they usually enjoy decent income in the form of a salary plus bonuses and tips. Gaming dealers, for example, have excellent knowledge of different games such as baccarat, roulette, and sagame and offer help with having a hang of the rules. They often get generous tips.

Employment Outlook

With the growth of online casino platforms over the last couple of years, web-based positions are likely to increase in number. Even today, gambling websites account for close to 40 percent of the sector’s gross yield, followed by sports betting which accounts for a little over 22 percent. There is a noticeable shift toward online positions across regions and markets.

New positions are also opening up with the boom of online gambling. You will come across new roles in fields such a technical support, community management, information technology, web design, and content management. Traditional roles and positions such as management, marketing, and legal counsel are also expected to be in demand, but are also transitioning to the digital.

Non-remote gambling in the form of slots machines, casino games, and sports betting is still a large sector around the world. Casino games generate the most revenue, the largest subsector being slots machines. Sports that are betters’ favorites include football and horse racing. Despite economic struggles and turmoil due to the global pandemic, the gambling sector seems to remain busy and stable, offering employment to hundreds of thousands of people.

Those looking to work for a casino must be prepared to relocate to a smaller city or town as this is where most establishments are found. Depending on the position, especially administrative and management roles, employers may require a Master’s or Bachelor degree in hospitality, management, sales, economics, business, or a related field. For the majority of positions, casinos only require a high school diploma.

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