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Having been in the online casino gambling industry for almost six years now (almost a life time in this game), I can fully understand the scepticism that some people have when it comes to placing a wager online. Take a quick step back. You have never gambled online, or hardly made an online purchase. You enjoy the occasional night out at the casino and fancy yourself at the tables or at the machines. Friends talk about the sports bets they won online, the slots jackpots they hit, and the poker games they crushed. It all sounds very exciting.

So with the kids in bed (if that is the stage at which your life finds itself), you get yourself nice and comfortable in front of the PC and decide that tonight is the night, you are going to gamble online! So you hit your favourite search engine and type something like “online casino gambling”, take a sip of your favourite nightcap, and wait for the results. But this is where it gets difficult. When the list appears, you are confronted with promises of riches like never seen before: “The best online casino”, “The best odds in the universe”, “Winning a million is easy”, “Winner of the’s award for best online casino – 12 years running”. Enough to make a novice online casino gambling enthusiast head for the hills and never come back. But you have set your sights on some fun, so you decide to persist in your search.

This is indeed a crossroads for many a novice online gambler. You have three options:

a) let go of the idea, it’s too daunting. Time to go to bed,

b) take the plunge into the first half decent looking site you come across, or

c) spend some more time doing research.

Let’s look at your options: a) might save you money, but you are missing out on so much. It if your safest option. b) Risky, very risky. There are still crooks out there, in fact, too many. One of their main aims is the catch novices like yourself. You may well be lucky and choose a reputable operator, but its a 50/50 shot. c) Who the heck has the time these days.

So if you are relatively new to online casino gambling, keen to test the waters and time is not a commodity you possess, I would like to make some recommendations of what I believe to be the safest of the safe when it comes to gambling online. I do not suggest that other online gambling establishments are not safe, but the ones listed below have some very obvious attributes that make them a choice for someone who wants as much as many as possible assurances and safeguards. I have chosen three online casinos that I believe fit this description best .

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