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How To Be An Online Poker Pro: 6 Tips

Online Poker Pro

Get insider tips from the poker pros on how to get to their level.  Whether you’re a novice online poker player or have been playing for years, your game just got better.

Becoming a poker pro is something a lot of players strive for.  It’s difficult to figure out the strategy to playing poker online and know just how to go about achieving that pro status.  It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the game or a seasoned poker player with not very good stats, everyone has the potential of becoming a pro.  You just need to do your research, talk to the people who have made this accomplishment and find out what the various tips and tricks are to meet this goal.

There are a few guidelines that have been laid out for you by some people in the know on how to be an online poker pro.  These 6 tips will lead you down the path that you want to go.


– Table.  You want to keep your bankroll in the green and this may sound awful but you want to find the tables where the other players are big losers.  You want to play against the massive losers.  Now that sounds like a no-brainer really, but some folks don’t pay attention and sit down to any table and just dig in.  Pay attention to what’s happening and see the talent that you’re playing against.  If they’re good, leave the table.

– Bankroll.  Always make sure that you are properly bankrolled to play good solid poker and not scared poker.  If the stakes that are being played are over your head, you may not be able to play aggressively in spots where you could because you’ll be afraid of losing too much money. And use your bankroll as a guide as to how to play your stakes and move it up gradually as your able.  Don’t play catch up with high stakes.

– Preflop.  There are a lot of websites that will offer free charts that show preflop hand ranges by position that will help you understand what hands to play with various positions on the table. These guides are there to give you the basics on how to use preflop hands and as you get more comfortable, you can adjust your range in order to be able to account for the tendency of opponents.

– Bluffing.  Not bluffing in poker is a good sign to your opponents to fold on you when aggression comes into play because they basically know what you have by the way you raise or bet but, on the other hand, bluffing too much can be just as bad.  To bluff is a critical part of poker play but when done appropriately and in the correct duration.

– Aggression.  Being aggressive when playing at poker can allow you the opportunity to get the other players to fold which will ultimately give you the pot without any type of a showdown and it will ensure that you do have the best hand when the showdown comes around.

– Weakness.  Learn the other players weaknesses and play them.  In doing this, you can win the most amount possible from them.

Always do the best by yourself by finding games with weaker players than yourself.  This is one of the best tips for you to follow,  Exploit those weaknesses.  Aside from that, keep studying the pros and what they have to offer.  You’ll be heading down the path to your ultimate goal.

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