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4 Rules of Online Poker That Will Help You Choose the Perfect Bet Size

4 Rules of Online Poker

What should be the ideal bet size of the poker online game? If you have just started betting in the online poker games like Texas Hold’em or Caribbean Stud Poker, you will need to know this for sure. You will hear terms like the player’s advantages or board texture as you play. However, unless you know about the bet sizes, you will not be able to gain playing poker.

4 Rules for Bet Sizing in Poker Online

  1. Allot Small Bets for Dry Boards: Use the small size of bets so that you can manage to fold against the opponents and strategize on the flow. On dry boards, you may not have to focus on the denial of equity since your opponent will not have much of the valuable hands anyhow. So, go for the bet size of as little as 33%.
  • Wet Boards Ideal for Large Bets: Go for the bigger bet sizes of as big as 55 to 80% pot. If you want to get more value and build a pot, the large-sized bets allow you that. They can help you get more value before you can go for a turn to catch more bluffs.
  • Build Strong Stack or Pot Ratio: Whether you go for small-sized bets or large-sized bets and get plenty of fold equity, do it well. The SPR is necessary for you to consider the pot size.
  • Go for Strong Hands and Overbets: If you have strong hands, make sure to go for overbetting. This will allow you to get maximum fold equity too. The nut advantage is when your overbetting will help you gain.

When you know the value of your bets and the time your opponent calls or folds, you will end up losing lesser. This is the reason for the people not to ignore learning and practice sizing the bets well.

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